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Rohm BD9D300MUV-E2 3A Buck DC-DC Converter VQFN-16

Rohm new BD9D300MUV is a synchronous buck switching regulator with built-in low on-resistance power MOSFETs. This integrated circuit (IC) is capable of providing current up to 3 A. It operates high oscillating frequency with low inductance. It has original on-time control system which can operate low power consumption in light load condition. This IC is ideal for reducing standby power consumption of equipment.
BD9D300MUV 3 A Integrated MOSFET Single Synchronous Buck DC/DC Converter.

Input Voltage Range: 4 V to 17 V
Output Voltage Range: 0.9 V to 5.25 V
Output Current: 3 A (Max)
Switching Frequency: 1.25 MHz (Typ)


ROHM BD82038FVJ-GE2 1A Current Limit Switch, High Side TSSOP-B8J / MSOP8

Rohm new Single Channel High Side Switch IC employing N-channel power MOSFET with low on resistance and low supply current for the power supply line of universal serial bus (USB). This IC has a built-in over current detection circuit, thermal shutdown circuit, under voltage lockout and soft start circuits.

BD82038FVJ-GE21A Current Limit High Side Switch  MSOP 8 PinBD82039FVJ-GE21A Current Limit High Side Switch  MSOP 8 PinBD82040FVJ-GE21.5A Current Limit High Side Switch  MSOP 8 PinBD82041FVJ-GE21.5A Current Limit High Side Switch  MSOP 8 PinBD82042FVJ-GE22A Current Limit High Side Switch  MSOP 8 PinBD82043FVJ-GE22A Current Limit High Side Switch  MSOP 8 PinBD82044FVJ-GE22.5A Current Limit High Side Switch  MSOP 8 PinBD82045FVJ-GE22.5A Current Limit High Side Switch  MSOP 8 PinBD82046FVJ-GE23.2A Current Limit High Side Switch  MSOP 8 PinBD82047FVJ-GE23.2A Current Limit High Side Switch  MSOP 8 Pin Datasheet…

Maxim MAX17613AATP+T 3A Current Limiter TQFN-20

The MAX17613A/MAX17613B/MAX17613C adjustable overvoltage and overcurrent protection devices are ideal to protect systems against positive and negative input voltage faults up to +60V and -65V, and feature low 130mΩ (typ) RON FETs.

Wide Input-Supply Range of +4.5V to +60V
Hot Plug-in Tolerant without TVS up to 35V Input Supply
Reverse Current-Blocking Protection
Thermal Overload Protection
Extended -40°C to +125°C Temperature Range
MAX17613A Enables OV, UV, and Reverse Voltage Protection
MAX17613B Enables OV and UV Protection
MAX17613C Enables Reverse Voltage Protection

MAX17613AATP+T 3A Current-Limiter TQFN-EP 20 Pin
MAX17613BATP+T 3A Current-Limiter TQFN-EP 20 Pin
MAX17613CATP+T 3A Current-Limiter TQFN-EP 20 Pin
MAX17613AEVKIT# Evaluation Kit
MAX17613CEVKIT# Evaluation Kit
MAX17613BEVKIT# Evaluation Kit


Maxim MAX25615AUT/V+ MOSFET Driver, 7A Sink, 3A Source, SOT23-6

The MAX25615 is a high-speed MOSFET driver IC for automotive applications. The driver is capable of sinking 7A and sourcing 3A peak currents. The IC, which is an enhancement over MAX5048 devices, has inverting and noninverting inputs that provide greater flexibility in controlling the MOSFET. It also features two separate outputs working in complementary mode, offering flexibility in controlling both turn-on and turn-off switching speeds.

+4V to +15.5V Single Power-Supply Range
7A Peak Sink Current
3A Peak Source Current
12ns Propagation Delay
TTL Logic-Level Inputs
Small SOT23 Package
-40°C to +125°C Operating Temperature Range

MAX25615AUT/V+ MOSFET Driver 7A Sink, 3A Source
MAX25615EVKIT# Evaluation Kit


Vishay FRED Pt® Gen 5 1200 V Hyperfast and Ultrafast Rectifiers, TO-247AD-2, TO-220AC-2

Vishay introduced six new FRED Pt® Gen 5 1200 V Hyperfast and Ultrafast rectifiers. Offering the best conduction and switching loss trade-off for devices in their class, the 30 A and 60 A Vishay rectifiers are designed to increase the efficiency of high frequency converters, and hard- and soft-switched or resonant designs.

DeviceVR (V)IF(AV) (A)PackageVS-E5PX3012L-N3120030TO-247AD 2LVS-E5TX3012-N3120030TO-220AC 2LVS-E5PH3012L-N3120030TO-247AD 2LVS-E5TH3012-N3120030TO-220AC 2LVS-E5PX6012L-N3120060TO-247AD 2LVS-E5PH6012L-N3120060TO-247AD 2L
Datasheet: VS-E5PX3012L-N3 Datasheet: VS-E5TX3012-N3 Datasheet: VS-E5PH3012L-N3 Datasheet: VS-E5TH3012-N3 Datasheet: VS-E5PX6012L-N3 Datasheet: VS-E5PH6012L-N3…

Diodes New PI3EQX16904GLZHEX 4 Channel PCIe 4.0 ReDriver with Linear Equalization TQFN-42

Diodes’ PI3EQX16904GL is a multi-data rate, 4 differential channels ReDriver™. The device provides programmable linear equalization, output swing and flat gain, by either pin strapping option or I2C Control, to optimize performance over a variety of physical mediums by reducing Inter-symbol interference. PI3EQX16904GL supports four 100-Ohm Differential CML data I/O’s and extends the signals across other distant data pathways on the user’s platform. The integrated equalization circuitry provides flexibility with signal integrity of the signal before the ReDriver, whereas the integrated linear amplifier/buffer circuitry provides flexibility with signal integrity of the signal after the ReDriver. 2.5 to 16Gbps, 4-Channel Linear Equalizer Supply Voltage 3.3V 3-bit selectable address bit for I2C 42-contact TQFN (9mm x3.5mm) package

Allegro A80602KESJS and A80603KESJSR LED Drivers QFN-24

Allegro MicroSystems,announced the A8060x family, their latest generation of advanced LED backlight drivers. The device family is designed with an innovative and patented Pre-Emptive Boost (PEB) control, eliminating noise that is typically audible.
The A80602 is a multi-output LED driver for automotive applications such as exterior lighting, heads-up display, and mid-size LCD backlighting. It implements a current-mode boost/ SEPIC converter with gate driver for external N-MOSFET. This allows greater output power even at minimum supply voltage.
The A80603 and A80603-1 are multi-output LED drivers that integrate a current-mode boost converter with an internal power switch and four current sinks. The boost converter can drive four strings of LEDs at up to 120 mA, or LED sinks can be paralleled together to achieve higher currents up to 480 mA total.


Allegro new A80601KESJSR LED Driver QFN-24

Allegro MicroSystems announced the A8060x family, their latest generation of advanced LED backlight drivers. The device family is designed with an innovative and patented Pre-Emptive Boost (PEB) control, eliminating noise that is typically audible.

The A80601 is a multi-output LED driver for automotive applications such as exterior lighting, heads-up display, and mid-size LCD backlighting. It implements a current-mode boost/ SEPIC converter with gate driver for external N-MOSFET. This allows greater output power even at minimum supply voltage.

Current sinks driving up to 210 mA
Wide input voltage range of 4.5V to 40V
LED contrast ratio: 15,000:1 at 200 Hz using PWM
Boost switching frequency from 200 kHz to 2.3 MHz




A80601KESJSR-1 QFN-24

Datasheet :

Taiwan Semi TSCR420CX6H RFG Constant Current LED Driver SOT-26 6-Pin

The TSCR420 & TSCR421 are Low-Side Constant Current Regulator (CCR) for linear LED driving. The device regulates with a preset 10mA nominal that can be adjusted with an external resistor up to 300mA. It is designed for driving LEDs in strings and will reduce current at increasing temperatures to self-protect. Operating as a series linear CCR for LED string current control, it can be used in multiple applications, as long as the maximum supply voltage to the device is <40V.

AEC-Q100 qualified
Temperature grade 1: -40°C to 125°C
Continuous output current up to 300mA with an external resistor
Supply voltage up to 40V

TSCR420CX6H RFG Linear Constant Current Regulated LED Driver
TSCR421CX6H RFG Linear Constant Current Regulated LED Driver


Diodes PI3USB31534ZTFEX Crossbar Switch, USB3.1/HDMI, UQFN-34

The PI3USB31534 is a 6:4 differential channel bi-directional Crossbar switch solution for switching USB3.1 Gen1/Gen2 and HDMI signals through USB3.0 Type-C connector. It multiplexes either 1 lane of USB3.1 Gen1/Gen2 or 4 channels HDMI to the USB Type-C connector. In addition, HEAC+/HEAC- channels are also multiplexed to the Type-C connector. PI3USB31534 offers excellent signal integrity for high-speed signals and low power dissipation. Insertion loss is -2.2dB and return loss is -15dB at 10Gb/s speed of USB3.1

Diodes PI4ULS5V106ZHDEX Bi-directional Level Shifter UQFN-16

The PI4ULS5V106 supports up to 100MHz up translation and greater than 100MHz down translation at ≤ 30pF cap load and up to 40MHz up/down translation at 50pF cap load which allows the LSF family to support more consumer or telecom interfaces (MDIO or SDIO). It has bi-directional voltage translation without the need for DIR pin which minimizes system effort (for PMBus, I2C, or SMbus). The PI4ULS5V106 is 5V tolerant on I/O port which makes it compatible with TTL levels in industrial and telecom applications.

PI4ULS5V106  6-Bit Bi-directional Level Shifter for Open-Drain and Push-Pull Application.


Trinamic TMCM-6214 6-Axes Motor controller/driver board, 2-phase Stepper Motor

The TMCM-6214 is a 6-axes motor controller/driver board for 2-phase bipolar stepper motors with up-to 1.9A RMS motor current and +24V supply. The motion controllers support 6-point ramps in addition to linear ramps in hardware. 3 encoder inputs for incremental a/b/n encoders are included. For communication either CAN, RS485, RS232 or USB may be selected. In addition, there are 6 general purpose digital inputs, 2 analog inputs and 8 general purpose outputs (protected). Two STO inputs are available together with an intergated power supply switch for the driver supply.

TMCM-6214-TMCL 6-axes bipolar stepper motor controller/driver, upto 2A RMS motor current, 24V nom. supply, 3x encoder inputs, 2 analog inputs, 6 digital inputs, 8 OD outputs, CAN, RS485, RS232 and USB interfaces, STO, TMCL

TMCM-6214-CANopen 6-axes bipolar stepper motor controller/driver, upto 2A RMS motor current, 24V nom. supply, 3x encoder inputs, 2 analog inputs, 6 digital inputs, 8 OD outputs, CAN, RS485, RS232 and USB…

Infineon New F3L400R10W3S7_B11 Easy 3B package

Infineon has extended its Easy family to include a new package: Easy 3B. Together with the other Easy 1B and 2B packages, this comprises the broadest power module portfolio at 12 mm height without base plate. Easy 3B is the ideal platform to extend current inverter designs to achieve higher power without changing much on the mechanical side. At the same time, the new package inherits many of the advantages of the family portfolio such as the flexible pin-grid system, which is very important for customizing. The first module with the new package design is a 400 A, 3-level ANPC (advanced neutral point clamping) device aiming at 1500 V solar inverter applications. The Easy 3B package will be showcased at PCIM 2019.

In utility-scale solar installations, the 1500 V inverter is becoming more and more popular. Total worldwide shipments for this voltage class was 32.7 GW of AC power (output power of solar power plant) in 2018. The expected compound annual growth rate of this voltage class for…

Maxim MAX17686ATB+ Isolated Buck DC-DC Converter TDFN-10

The MAX17686 is a high-voltage, high-efficiency, isolated  buck DC-DC converter designed to provide isolated power up to 5W. The device operates over a wide 4.5V to 60V input and uses primary-side feedback to regulate the output voltage.
The MAX17686 uses peak-current-mode control. The lowresistance, on-chip MOSFETs ensure high efficiency at full load while simplifying the PCB layout.
This device suitable transformer turns ratio to derive isolated secondary output rails.
The programmable soft-start feature allows users to reduce input inrush current.

Wide input: 4.5V to 60V
-40°C to +125°C Operation
Delivers Up to 5W Output Power
Peak Efficiency > 90%

MAX17686ATB+ High-Efficiency, Iso-Buck DC-DC Converter
MAX17686EVKITA# Evaluation Kit


Infineon FF450R33T3E3BPSA1 3.3kV, 450A dual IGBT module

XHP™ 3 3300 V, 450 A dual IGBT module with TRENCHSTOPTM IGBT3, emitter controlled diode and with enhanced isolation of 10.4 kV

Datasheet FF450R33T3E3B5BPSA1,  FF450R33T3E3BPSA1

ROHM BD81A76EFV-ME2 White LED Driver 6 Channels Constant-current PWM Dimming

BD81A76EFV-M is a white LED driver with the capability of withstanding high input voltage 35V. This driver has 6 channel constant-current drivers in 1-chip, where each channel can draw up to 120 mA (Max), and it is suitable for high illumination LED drive. Furthermore, a buck-boost current mode DC/DC converter is also built to achieve stable operation during power voltage fluctuation. Light modulation (10,000:1@100 Hz dimming function) is possible by PWM input

Operating Input Voltage Range 4.5 V to 35 V
DC/DC Oscillation Frequency 200 kHz to 2200 kHz
Operating Temperature -40 °C to +125 °C
LED Maximum Output Current 120 mA/ch
PWM Minimum Pulse Width 1.0 µs
6 Channels Current Driver for LED Drive
Package HTSSOP-B30
AEC-Q100 Qualified

BD81A76EFV-ME2 Datasheet:

ON Semi RSL10-SOLARSENS-GEVK, RSL10 Solar Cell Multi-Sensor Platform

ON Semiconductor driving energy efficient innovations, continues to enable battery-less and maintenance-free IoT with the introduction of its RSL10 Multi-Sensor Platform powered solely with a solar cell. This complete solution supports the development of IoT sensors using continuous solar energy harvesting to gather and communicate data through Bluetooth® Low Energy, without the need for batteries or other forms of non-renewable energy.
The RSL10 Solar Cell Multi-Sensor platform is a complete, low-cost solution for developing self-powered sensor nodes using harvested solar energy. Based on the RSL10 SIP- the industry's lowest power Bluetooth ® 5 radio, the RSL10 Solar Cell Multi-Sensor platform supports continuous Bluetooth Low Energy transmission of sensor information without requiring any batteries. The fully-integrated platform features multiple smart sensors, an ultra-low quiescent current LDO regulator (NCP170), and a 2-port connector for the provided solar cell (FlexRB-25-70…

Diodes New PI3DBS16413ZHEX, PI3DBS16213ZLEX Multiplexer/Demultiplexer Switch

The PI3DBS16213 is an 6 to 2 differential channel multiplexer/de-multiplexer switch. This solution can switch multiple signal types up to data rate of 20Gbps.

The PI3DBS16413 is an 12 to 4 differential channel multiplexer/de-multiplexer switch. This solution can switch multiple signal types up to data rate of 20Gbps.

PCIe Gen4 Thunderbolt 3 1-20Gbps Signal Mux

for more details

ADI New LTC3315AEV#TRPBF Dual 5V, 2A Step-Down DC-DC Converter LQFN-12

The LTC3315A features dual 2A monolithic synchronous step-down converters operating from a 2.25V to 5.5V input supply in one package for space-constrained applications with demanding performance requirements. Using constant frequency, peak current mode control at switching frequencies up to 3MHz with a minimum on-time as low as 25ns, both bucks achieve high efficiency and fast transient response in a very small application footprint.

Vin Range: 2.25V to 5.5V
VOut Range: 0.5V to Vin
Output Curren: 2A
Package: 2mm × 2mm × 0.74mm LQFN
Temperature -40°C to +125°C


for more details


The ADAU1787 is a codec with four inputs and two outputs that incorporates two digital signal processors (DSPs). The path from the analog input to the DSP core to the analog output is optimized for low latency and is ideal for noise cancelling headsets. With the addition of just a few passive components, the ADAU1787 provides a complete headset solution.

ADAU1787  have Four ADC, Two DAC, Low Power Codec with Audio DSPs


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Allegro New ACS71240 Current Sensor IC, Automotive-Grade

The ACS71240 family of automotive AEC-Q100 qualified, monolithic Hall effect current sensor ICs offers next generation improvements over the popular Allegro ACS711 predecessor family of Current Sensor ICs.
It is an economical and precise solution for AC or DC current sensing in industrial, automotive, commercial, and communications applications
Automotive Grade Current Sensor IC Improves Safety and Efficiency, Reduces BOM


STM New STM32MP151Axx 32-Bit Arm Cortex MPU

The STM32MP151A devices are based on the high-performance Arm® Cortex®-A7 32-bit RISC core operating at up to 650 MHz. The Cortex-A7 processor includes a 32-Kbyte L1 instruction cache, a 32-Kbyte L1 data cache and a 256-Kbyte level2 cache. The Cortex-A7 processor is a very energy-efficient application processor designed to provide rich performance in high-end wearables, and other low-power embedded and consumer applications. It provides up to 20% more single thread performance than the Cortex-A5 and provides similar performance than the Cortex-A9.
The STM32MP151A devices provide an external SDRAM interface supporting external memories up to 8-Gbit density (1 Gbyte), 16 or 32-bit LPDDR2/LPDDR3 or DDR3/DDR3L up to 533 MHz.


Datasheet for STM32MP151AAA3, STM32MP151AAB3, STM32MP151AAC3, STM32MP151AAD3

for more details…

STM New PM8804TR and PM8805TR 100W Power-over-Ethernet, PoE- PD

A new chipset from STMicroelectronics lets users quickly build reliable and space-efficient Powered Devices (PDs) to take advantage of the latest IEEE 802.3bt Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) specification
The PM8804 and PM8805 provide the PoE-converter circuitry for PDs up to class-8, which defines a usable power budget of 71 Watts. The chipset saves space, enhances reliability, and cuts time to market for next-generation connectivity equipment including 5G “small cells,” WLAN access points, switches, and routers. ST’s new PoE chipset also targets smart-building and smart-office applications such as IP cameras, access-control systems, display panels, lighting, curtain or shutter controllers, video-call systems, IP phones, and tabletop consoles.

PM8804TR: PWM peak current mode controller for PoE and telecom systems
PM8805TR: IEEE 802.3bt PoE-PD interface with embedded dual active bridge


Maxim New MAX22513ATI+ Dual IO-Link Transceiver

The MAX22513 dual-channel low power IO-Link device transceiver features a selectable control interface, internal high-efficiency DC-DC buck regulator, two internal linear regulators, and integrated surge protection for robust communication. The device features low-on resistance drivers (C/Q and DO/DI), selectable driver current limits, and overcurrent protection to reduce power dissipation in small sensor applications.

Datasheet for MAX22513ATI+ MAX22513ATI+T, MAX22513AWJ+, MAX22513AWJ+T

STM New STM32MP153Axx 32-Bit Arm Cortex MPU

The STM32MP153A devices are based on the high-performance dual-core Arm® Cortex®-A7 32-bit RISC core operating at up to 650 MHz. The Cortex-A7 processor includes a 32-Kbyte L1 instruction cache for each CPU, a 32-Kbyte L1 data cache for each CPU and a 256-Kbyte level2 cache. The Cortex-A7 processor is a very energy-efficient application processor designed to provide rich performance in high-end wearables, and other low-power embedded and consumer applications. It provides up to 20% more single thread performance than the Cortex-A5 and provides similar performance than the Cortex-A9.
The STM32MP153A devices provide an external SDRAM interface supporting external memories up to 8-Gbit density (1 Gbyte), 16 or 32-bit LPDDR2/LPDDR3 or DDR3/DDR3L up to 533 MHz.
All the devices offer two ADCs, two DACs, a low-power RTC, 12 general-purpose 16-bit timers, two PWM timers for motor control, five low-power timers, a true random number generator (RNG). The devices support six digital filters for …

STM New STM32WB55C Multiprotocol Wireless 32bit Arm MCU with Bluetooth

The STM32WB55xx multiprotocol wireless and ultra-low-power devices embed a powerful and ultra-low-power radio compliant with the Bluetooth® Low Energy SIG specification v5.0 and with IEEE 802.15.4-2011. They contain a dedicated Arm® Cortex® -M0+ for performing all the real-time low layer operation.
The STM32WB55xx devices are designed to be extremely low-power and are based on the high-performance Arm® Cortex®-M4 32-bit RISC core operating at a frequency of up to 64 MHz. The Cortex®-M4 core features a Floating point unit (FPU) single precision that supports all Arm® single-precision data-processing instructions and data types. It also implements a full set of DSP instructions and a memory protection unit (MPU) that enhances application security.

Multiprotocol Wireless 32-bit MCU Arm based with Bluetooth.


Sensitron New SPM SeriesThree Phase IGBT or MOSFET Bridges with SiC Diodes

Sensitron provides a family of ultralight rugged SiC power bridge modules up to 1200V, 150A for high-reliability applications requiring high power in a lightweight and small footprint package. Three-phase, half-bridge and custom bridge modules are available with AlsiC and copper base options for high thermal capacity.

600V & 1200V, 15A to 150A
Options for integrated gate resistors, brake switches, brake resistors, thermistors
Low profile, lightweight construction
Integrated G-E & G-S resistors for higher ESD immunity
Integrated brake resistor with direct heat transfer to base RTD to monitor module temperature
PartPIV, 25oC (V)I o , 25oC (A)SPM100160050SPM1016120090SPM100260030SPM10031200150SPM10041200150SPM100560030SPM100660060SPM1007120029SPM1008120030SPM1009A600

GeneSiC New GB100XCP12-227 IGBT/Sic Diode Moule Co-Pack

Hybrid SiC Schottky Rectifier/Si IGBT Modules from GeneSiC enables 175°C operation.
GeneSiC Semiconductor release new second generation hybrid mini-modules using 1200 V/100 Amperes SiC Schottky Rectifiers with rugged Silicon IGBTs.
SiC Schottky/Si IGBT mini-modules (Co-packs) offered by GeneSiC are made with Si IGBTs that exhibit positive temperature coefficient of on-state drop, robust punchthrough design, high temperature operation and fast switching characteristics that are capable of being driven by commercial, commonly available 15 V IGBT gate drivers. The SiC rectifiers used in these Co-pack modules allow extremely low inductance packages, low on-state voltage drop and no reverse recovery. The SOT-227 package offers isolated baseplate, 12mm low profile design that can be used very flexibly as a standalone circuit element, high current paralleled configuration, a Phase Leg (two modules), or as a chopper circuit element.


TI New INA185 Current Sense Amplifier, Voltage Output, SOT-563 6Pin package

The INA185 Current sense amplifier is designed for use in cost-sensitive space constrained applications. This device is a bidirectional, current-sense amplifier (also called a current-shunt monitor) that senses voltage drop across a current-sense resistor at common-mode voltages from –0.2 V to +26 V, independent of the supply voltage. The INA185 integrates a matched resistor gain network in four, fixed-gain device options: 20 V/V, 50 V/V, 100 V/V, or 200 V/V. This matched gain resistor network minimizes gain error and reduces the temperature drift.

SOT-563 6Pin package
Common-mode range (VCM): –0.2 V to +26 V
Single 2.7-V to 5.5-V power supply
High bandwidth: 350 kHz
Output slew rate: 2 V/µs

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TI New SN74AXCH4T245 Four-bit Bus Transceiver, Dual supply

The SN74AXCH4T245 is a four-bit noninverting bus transceiver that uses two individually configurable power-supply rails. The device is operational with both VCCA and VCCB supplies as low as 0.65 V. The A port is designed to track VCCA, which accepts any supply voltage from 0.65 V to 3.6 V. The B port is designed to track VCCB, which accepts any supply voltage from 0.65 V to 3.6 V. The SN74AXCH4T245 device is compatible with a single-supply system.

SN74AXCH4T245PW 4 Bit Bus Transceiver, TSSOP-16
SN74AXCH4T245RSV 4 Bit Bus Transceiver, UQFN-16
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Samsung New 5G Multi-mode Chipsets cor Mobile Consumers

Samsung announced that its 5G communication solutions are in mass production for the latest premium mobile devices. The 5G multi-mode chipsets include the previously-introduced Exynos Modem 5100 as well as a new single-chip radio frequency transceiver, the Exynos RF 5500, and supply modulator solution, the Exynos SM 5800, all supporting 5G New Radio (5G-NR) sub-6-gigahertz (GHz) spectrum and legacy radio access technologies that provide mobile device manufacturers with optimum network communication solutions for the 5G era.
Samsung’s Multi-Mode Exynos Chipsets Help Bring the 5G Era to Mobile Consumers, Industry’s First 5G Modem Fully Compliant with 3GPP Standards
Exynos Modem 5100
Exynos RF 5500
Exynos SM 5800

Sensirion New SVM30 Humidity and Temperature Sensor

The multi-pixel gas sensor platform SGP creates new possibilities for the measurement of indoor air quality. The SGP offers a complete gas sensor system integrated into a very small 2.45 × 2.45 × 0.9 mm3 DFN package featuring an I2C interface and fully calibrated air quality output signals.

Multi-Gas, Humidity and Temperature Module SVM30
The SVM30 is a Multi-gas, humidity and temperature sensor combo module containing an SGP30 gas sensor as well as an SHTC1 humidity and temperature sensor

Datasheet for SVM30-J-800, SVM30-J, SEK-SVM30 Humidity and Temperature Gas Sensor.

Infineon IM231 Series 600V, 3-Phase IPM, IM231-M6S1B, IM231-M6T2B, IM231-L6S1B, IM231-L6T2B

Infineon Technologies is introducing its CIPOS™ Micro IM231 series, a family of 600 V rated intelligent power modules (IPM). It is qualified for harsh humid environments, passing 1000 hours of high voltage, high temperature and high humidity reverse bias (HV H3TRB) stress testing. 
The CIPOS Micro IM231 series features the latest motor drive TRENCHSTOP™6 IGBT and optimized switching characteristics for higher efficiency and low EMI. With 2 kV, this IPM offers the highest UL1557-certified isolation voltage in its class. IM231-M6S1B 600V, 4A, 3-Phase Intelligent Power Module, SOP 29x12
IM231-M6T2B 600V, 4A, 3-Phase Intelligent Power Module, DIP 29x12
IM231-L6S1B 600V, 6A, 3-Phase Intelligent Power Module, SOP 29x12
IM231-L6T2B 600V, 6A, 3-Phase Intelligent Power Module, DIP 29x12

Datasheet for IM231M6T2BAKMA1, IM231M6S1BALMA1, IM231M6S1BAUMA1

Datasheet for IM231L6T2BAKMA1, IM231…

Trinamic New PD20-1-1210 Stepper Smart Motor with Controller / Driver board

The world’s smallest PANdrive™ smart motor solution by Trinamic includes a NEMA8 stepper motor combined with the TMCM-1210 controller / driver for precise motion.

TMCM-1210-CABLE - Cable loom for TMCM-1210.
TMCM-1210 - 1-Axis stepper controller / driver, 0.6A RMS, 24V DC

NEMA8 stepper motor with 0.0175Nm holding torque
Ssupply voltage: +6 to+ 30V DC
Up to 0.6A RMS motor current
RS485 interface
Integrated simple hall-sensor based encoder
1x multi-purpose input with controller/driver
Linear and SixPoint™ ramps

for more details


Trinamic New TMC6200-TA MOSFET Gate Driver for High-Power BLDC/PMSM Motors

The TMC6200 is the new high-voltage gate-driver with in-line motor current sensing for BLDC motors and PMSM servo motors of up to 100A using external MOSFETs.

3-phase motors up to 100A coil current (external MOSFETs)
Voltage range 8 to 60V DC
Programmable gate drive (0.5A / 1A / 1.5A)
Full protection and diagnostics via SPI interface
SPI & Stand-Alone operation
Charge Pump for 100% Duty Cycle operation
Optional BBM break-before-make logic for single line control
Programmable Short and Overload current threshold and retry
Programmable Control Interface with 3 line or 6 line drive
Compact 9x9mm2 TQFP48 package
Double Pin Distance for safe operation at high voltage

TMC6200-TAThree phase gate-driver for external MOSFETs; TQFP48 TMC6200-TA-TThree phase gate-driver for external MOSFETs; TQFP48 , ReelTMC6200-EVALEvaluation board for TMC6200.LANDUNGSBRÜCKEBaseboard for TMC6200-EVAL and further evaluation boards.ESELSBRÜCKEConnector board for plug-in evaluation board system.
Datasheet TMC…

Maxim New MAX6226ALA25+ 2.5V Voltage Reference, LCC 8-Pin, MAX6226EVKIT# Evaluation Kit

The MAX6226 is an ultra-low-noise, high-precision, lowdropout voltage reference. This family of voltage references feature curvature-correction circuitry and high-stability, laser-trimmed, thin-film resistors that result in 5ppm/°C (max) temperature coefficients and an excellent ±0.02% (max) initial accuracy. The proprietary low-noise reference architecture produces a low flicker noise of 1.45μVP-P and wideband noise as low as 75nV/√Hz (2.5V output) without the increased supply current usually found in low-noise references. Improve wideband noise to 45nV/√Hz and AC power-supply rejection by adding a 0.1μF capacitor at the noise reduction pin. The MAX6226 series mode reference operates from a wide 2.7V to 12.6V supply voltage range and load-regulation specifications are guaranteed to be less than 0.25Ω and 0.05Ω for sink and source currents up to 10mA, respectively. These devices are available over the automotive temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.

Low 200mV (Max) Dropout Voltage

TI New TUSB8044ARGCR 4-Port USB Hub, VQFN 64-Pin

The TUSB8044A is a four-port USB 3.2 x1 Gen1 (5 Gbps) hub. It provides simultaneous SuperSpeed USB and high-speed/full-speed connections on the upstream port and provides SuperSpeed USB, highspeed, full-speed, or low-speed connections on the downstream ports. When the upstream port is connected to an electrical environment that only supports high-speed or full-speed/low-speed connections, SuperSpeed USB connectivity is disabled on the downstream ports.

Four port USB 3.2 x1 Gen1 (5 Gbps) hub
Supports Operation as a USB 3.2 x1 Gen1 or USB 2.0 Compound Device
64-Pin QFN package
Supports on-board and in-system EEPROM programming Via the USB 2.0 upstream port
Supports four external downstream ports plus internal USB 2.0-only port for USB HID to I 2C functionality and USB2.0 Billboard

Datasheet TUSB8044ARGCR TUSB8044ARGCT  4-Port USB Hub, VQFN 64-Pin
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TI New TX7332ZBX Three-level, 32-channel Transmitter, NFBGA 26-Pins

The TX7332 is a highly integrated, high-performance transmitter solution for ultrasound imaging system. The device has total 32 pulser circuits (PULS), 32 transmit/receive (T/R) switches, and supports both on-chip and off-chip beamformer (TxBF). The device also integrates on-chip floating power supplies that reduce the number of required high voltage power supplies.

32-channel three-level pulser and active transmit/receive (T/R) switch
Three-level pulser
Small package: 260-pin NFBGA (17 mm × 11 mm) with 0.8-mm pitch
High-speed (100 MHz maximum) 1.8-V and 2.5-V CMOS serial programming interface

Datasheet TX7332ZBX.pdf
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Analog New HMC8411LP2FE Low Noise Amplifier, 0.01 GHz to 10 GHz, LFCSP 6-Pin

The HMC8411LP2FE is a gallium arsenide (GaAs), monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC), pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor (pHEMT), low noise wideband amplifier that operates from 0.01 GHz to 10 GHz.

Low noise figure: 1.7 dB typical
Single positive supply (self biased)
High gain: 15.5 dB typical
High OIP3: 34 dBm typical
LFCSP 6-lead, 2 mm × 2 mm

Test instrumentation
Military communications

Datasheet HMC8411LP2FE HMC8411LP2FETR EV1HMC8411LP2F
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Analog New AD4110-1BCPZ Analog Front End with 24-Bit ADC, LFCSP 40-Pin

The AD4110-1 is a complete, single-channel, universal input analog-to-digital front end for industrial process control systems where sensor type flexibility is required.

Power supply: ±12 V to ±20 V, +5 V
Operating temperature: −40°C to +105°C
Package: 40-lead, 6 mm × 6 mm LFCSP
Fast and flexible output data rates: 5 SPS to 125 kSPS
Serial interface for configuration and diagnostics
2 software programmable input terminals:
Current up to ±20 mA
Voltage up to ±10 V

Datasheet AD4110-1BCPZ AD4110-1BCPZ-RL AD4110-1BCPZ-RL7
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