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Si83401AAA-IF Isolated Smart Switch DFN-32 from Silicon Labs

The Si834 Isolated Smart Switch DFN-32
The Si834x provides up to four isolated high-side or low-side switches with low RON. These switches are ideal for driving resistive and inductive loads like solenoids, relays, and lamps commonly found in industrial control systems like programmable logic controllers (PLC). Each switch is galvanically isolated for safety using Silicon Labs’ groundbreaking CMOS based isolation technology offering better reliability and performance than traditional optocoupler based isolation, including high common-mode transient immunity (CMTI) of over 150 kV/µs

High-side or low-side switch options
Logic Supply: 2.25 V – 5.5 V
Switch Supply: 9 V – 32 V
5kV ESD Protection
-40˚C to 125 ˚C operating temperature range
Inrush current tolerance: 7 A for 20 ms
Compact 9 x 9 DFN-32 package

Part Number         Description
Si83401AAA-IFIsolated Smart Switch, 1 Channel, Sourcing, Parallel
Si83401AAA-IFRIsolated Smart Switch, 1 Channel, Sourcing, Parallel

MAX6078AMWT25+ 2.5V Voltage Reference WLP-6 from Maxim

The MAX6078 precision voltage reference family provides low drift and low noise at a maximum power supply current of only 15µA. Low-frequency noise is less than 12µVPP (2.5V output voltage option) and the temperature coefficient of the output voltage is less than 10ppm/°C.
Voltage Output Options: 1.25V, 2.048V, 2.5V, 3.0V, 3.3V, 4.096V, and 5.0V
1.5mm x 1.3mm (0.5mm pitch), 6-Bump WLP and 2mm x 3mm, 8-Pin TDFN-EP Packages

MAX6078AMWT25+ 2.5V Voltage Reference WLP-6
MAX6078AMTA25+ 2.5V Voltage Reference  TDFN-EP-8

MAX6078EVKIT# Evaluation Kit

MAX40660ATB/VY+, MAX40661ATB/VY+ Transimpedance Amplifier TDFN-10 from Maxim

The MAX40660 and MAX40661 are transimpedance amplifiers for optical distance measurement receivers in LiDAR applications. Low noise, high gain, low group delay, and fast recovery from overload make these TIAs ideal for distance-measurement applications. Important features include 2.38pA input-referred noise density MAX40660), an internal input clamp, pin-selectable 25kΩ and 50kΩ transimpedance, and wide bandwidth (490MHz (typ) for the MAX40660 with 0.5pF input capacitance and 25kΩ transimpedance; 160MHz (typ) for the MAX40661 with 10pF input capacitance). An offset current input allows optional adjustment of input offset current. A low-power/ standby control input reduces the supply current by better than 80% to help reduce average power supply current between pulses. The MAX40660 and MAX40661 transimpedance amplifiers feature AEC-Q100 qualification, enable ASIL compliance, and are available in a 3mm x 3mm,10-lead TDFN package with side-wettable flanks, making them excellent choices …

BD18347EFV-ME2 40V 150mA 4ch Constant Current LED Driver HTSSOP-B16 from ROHM

BD18337EFV-M / BD18347EFV-M are 40 V-withstanding constant current LED driver for automotive applications. It is a 4 channel LED driver with the built-in energy sharing control which can realize to make the board size small. High reliability can be realized with LED Open Detection, the OUTx (all later x=1 to 4) pin Short Circuit Protection, Over Voltage Mute and Thermal Shutdown Function. In case the output OUTx pin has 3 LEDs in series, BD18337EFV-M has to be used, in case of 2 LEDs in series, BD18347EFV-M has to be used.

Input Voltage Range: 5.5V to 20V
Maximum Output Current: 150 mA/ch
Operating Temperature Range: -40 °C to +125 °C

MX0141KA0AVW ONFI 4.1 1:4 High Speed Expander FCCSP-126 from IDT

The MX0141KA0 is comprised of a high-speed 1:4 multiplexer (mux) path and a low-speed, multi-function control logic path.
The high-speed path consists of four passive switches that connect input port “IN” to four 16-bit output ports A, B, C, and D. The passive switches, which close selectively, form a bidirectional multiplexer.
The low-speed path consists of active multi-function IOs that can be configured in different modes. This path also can be configured as a unidirectional 1:4 mux with a 4-bit port width, 4:16 decoder, or 16-bit signals for port selection. The CIO pins can be used to drive Chip Enable pins of the NAND dies or the high-speed mux selector.


171010550 1.2A, 0.8V to 5.5V Output, VDMM-Variable Step Down MicroModule from Würth Elektronik

The VDMM 171010550 MagI3C MicroModule provides a fully integrated DC-DC power supply including the switching regulator with integrated MOSFETs, compensation, and shielded inductor in one package.

Input voltage: 2.5V to 5.5V
Output Voltage:0.8V to 5.5V
Output current : 1.2A
Package size: 2.5mm x 2.5mm x 1.2mm


178010550 Evaluation Board

171010502 1A, 0.8V to 5.5V Output, VDMM-Variable Step Down MicroModule from Würth Elektronik

The VDMM 171010502 MagI3C MicroModule provides a fully integrated DC-DC power supply including the switching regulator with integrated MOSFETs, compensation, shielded inductor and input capacitor in one package

Input Voltage: 2.5V to 5.5V
Output Voltage:0.8V to 5.5V
Output Current : 1A
Package size: 3.2mm x 2.5mm x 1.6mm


178010502 Evaluation Board

MAX1613600/VY+T Microprocessor Supervisory circuit TDFN-8 from Maxim

The MAX16136, a low voltage, ±1% accurate window-detector supervisor circuit monitors a single system supply voltage and the integrity of code execution by a microprocessor or microcontroller. This device features an active-low, open-drain output that asserts whenever the monitored supply rail falls outside of the factory-trimmed undervoltage/overvoltage window threshold. The reset output remain asserted for the programmed reset timeout period after the monitored supply voltage falls within the undervoltage/overvoltage window threshold.

The MAX16136 is available in a small, 2mm x 2mm, 8-pin TDFN side-wettable package and operates over the automotive temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.

MAX1613600/VY+T Microprocessor Supervisory circuit TDFN-8
MAX1613601/VY+T Microprocessor Supervisory circuit TDFN-8
MAX1613602/VY+T Microprocessor Supervisory circuit TDFN-8

MAX16160NCAB+T 4-Channel Microprocessor Supervisory Circuit, WLP-6 from Maxim

The MAX16160 precision, four-channel supervisory circuit is designed to maintain system integrity in multi-supply systems.The device monitors its own power supply voltage in addition to three other system supply voltages and asserts the reset output whenever any supply voltage
falls below its reset threshold. After all of the supply voltages rise above their reset thresholds, the reset output remains asserted for the reset timeout period, and then de-asserts.

1.76V to 5V Operating Voltage Range
6-bump WLP and 6-pin SOT23 package
-40°C to +125°C temperature


MAX25610BAUE/V+ Buck and Buck-Boost LED Driver, 2.2MHz, TSSOP-16 from Maxim

The MAX25610A/MAX25610B are fully synchronous LED drivers that provide constant output current to drive high-power LEDs.
The MAX25610A/MAX25610B integrate two 60mΩ power MOSFETs for synchronous operation, minimizing external components. Flexible configuration supports buck, inverting buck-boost, and boost conversion. The devices incorporate current-mode control that provides fast transient response and eases loop stabilization.

The MAX25610A/MAX25610B include cycle by cycle current limiting, output overvoltage protection (OVP), open-string protection, output short-circuit protection (SCP), and thermal shutdown.

Automotive Ready: AEC-Q100 Qualified
Wide input Voltage Range from 5V to 36V in Buck-Boost LED Driver Applications
Analog and PWM Dimming
Buck LED Driver for 1-to-2 LEDs When Operating of Automotive Battery Applications
Inverting Buck-Boost LED Driver for 3-to-5 LEDs When Operating from Automotive Battery Applications
-40°C to +125°C Operating Temperature Range