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ST730MR 300mA 28V Adjustable LDO SOT23-5L from ST Microelectronics

The ST730 is 300 mA LDO regulator, designed to be used in several medium voltage applications. Ultra-low quiescent current of 5 μA makes it suitable for applications permanently connected to power supply/battery. This feature is also useful when electronic modules remain permanently turned on.
The ST730 embeds protection functions, such as: current limit, short-circuit and thermal shutdown. The extended input voltage range, very low drop voltage and low quiescent current features make it suitable also for low power after-market automotive and consumer applications.

Wide input voltage range : 2.5 V to 28 V
Ultra-low quiescent current: typ. 5 μA at no-load, 10 μA max. across full temperature range, 1 μA max. in shutdown
Output current up to 300 mA
Fixed output voltage versions, starting from 1.2 V to 12 V with 100 mV step
Adjustable voltage version, starting from 1.2 V to VIN - VDROP
-40 °C to +125 °C operating temperature range

STR485ELVQT RS485 Compatible Differential Line Transceiver DFN10 from ST Microelectronics

The STR485E is a low power differential line transceiver for data transmission standard RS485 applications in half-duplex mode. Data and enable signals are compatible with 1.8V or 3.3V supplies. Two speeds are selectable through SLR pin: fast data rate up to 20 Mbps or slow data rate for extended cable running to 250 kbps.
Excessive power dissipation caused by bus contention or faults is prevented by thermal shutdown circuit that forces the driver outputs into a high impedance state. The receiver has a fail-safe feature, which guarantees a high output state when the inputs are left open, shorted or idle.

L99MOD50XPTR Multi-Output DC motor Driver PowerSSO-36 from ST Microelectronics

These are microcontroller driven multifunctional actuator driver for automotive applications. Up to five DC motors and five grounded resistive loads can be driven with six half bridges and five high-side drivers.
The integrated SPI controls all operating modes (forward, reverse, brake and high impedance).
Also all diagnostic information is available via SPI read. L99MOD50XP 5 DC Motors Driver
L99MOD51XP 2 DC Motors Driver L99MOD53XP 3 DC Motors Driver L99MOD54XP 2 DC Motors Driver L99MOD50XPTR

Diodes Inc New Clock Buffers / Fanout Buffer TQFN

The PI6C59xx series is a family of 1.5GHz to 6GHz clock buffers capable of 2, 4, 6, 12, and 16 outputs.
1.5GHz to 6GHz Frequency Support with Multiple Outputs and Ultra-Low Additive Jitter
Clock Buffers / Fanout Buffer in TQFN Package

Part numberDescriptionDatasheet UrlPI6C5946002ZHIE6GHz / 12Gbps Clock / Data Fanout Buffer with Internal Termination 1:4 LVPECL Fanout Buffer 1:4 LVPECL Fanout Buffer 1:4 LVDS Fanout Buffer with Internal Termination 12 Gbps Clock/ Data Fanout Buffer with Internal Termination Selectable Fanout Buffer with Internal Termination…

Vishay New VDR Metal Oxide Varistors Ultra Surge Through hole 2 pins

VDRUS Series, The Varistors consist of a disc of low-ß ceramic material with two solid copper leads (US20 types only) or copper clad steel wire. The wires have a matte tin plating. They are coated with UL94-V0 approved silicone lacquer, which provides electrical, mechanical and climatic protection.

RMS Volatge 115V to 680V
DV Voltage  150V to 895V


ON Semiconductor LC06511D01MXTAG Lithium-Ion Battery Protection IC X2DFN6

LC06511DMX/LC06514DMX is a protection IC for 1 cell lithium−ion or lithium−polymer battery with built−in OTP. It provides highly accurate adjustable over−charge, over−discharge, over−current protection with adjustable detection delay by OTP. Current is detected by high precision external chip resistor. Which realizes accurate current detection over temperature.

LC06511D01MXTAG, LC06511D02MXTAG, LC06514D01MXTAG

Maxim New MAX20058ATCA/VY+ Step-Down DC-DC Converter 60V 1A TDFN-12

The MAX20058 is a high-efficiency, high-voltage, synchronous step-down DC-DC converter IC with integrated MOSFETs that operates over a 4.5V to 60V input. The converters can deliver up to 1A current. Output voltage is programmable from 0.8V to 90%VIN. The feedback voltage-regulation accuracy over -40°C to +125°C is ±1.5%. The IC features a peak-current-mode-control architecture and can be operated in the pulse-width modulation (PWM) or pulse-frequency modulation (PFM) control schemes.
The MAX20058 is available in a 12-pin (3mm x 3mm) side-wettable TDFN package with an exposed pad for thermal heat dissipation.

Output Adjustable from 0.8V to 90%VIN
200kHz to 2200kHz Adjustable Frequency with External Clock Synchronization
Programmable Peak Current Limit (1.14A or 1.6A)
AEC-Q100 Qualified

Datasheet MAX20058ATCA/VY+

Datasheet MAX20058EVKIT# :